No One Killed Jessica director Rajkumar Gupta next to be a love story.

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It’s a common notion among trade circles that films released in the month of January do not perform well at the Box-office. The Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan starrer No One Killed Jessica passed this acid test with flying colours and is being heralded as challenge for the biggies that are set to release in the coming weeks.

After the critically acclaimed directorial debut in Aamir, Rajkumar Gupta managed to gain a foothold in the industry. His second film, NOKJ, has opened to great reviews, appreciated by the critics and audiences alike. Even as the compliments and bouquets continue to flow in, Gupta has announced that his next is a love story called Rapchik Romance. Though the film is in scripting stages and the cast is undecided, gossip papers are hinting at a possible selection of Rani Mukherjee as it seems that the director is besotted by the queen of Bollywood.

While talking about his next, he admits that it won’t be a typical boy-meets-girl candyfloss romance. He hopes to do something different and surprise everyone, including himself. “But in case of genres, I would love to explore each and every one,” he adds.

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