No True Love in Bollywood

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They may sing, dance and praise love but in reality, none of the current range of stars truly deeply madly believe in love. In fact, they have more recently made a mockery of themselves and their respective others, normally co-stars, by publicizing and declaring undying love for them only to eventually realize, err, no thanks! The tabloids publish, they deny but underneath it all, they know for a fact that they are incapable of true love. Check it out!

When Shahid Kapoor erupted on the movie scene, he was immediately linked to first co-star Amrita Rao. Somewhere between calling each other “good friends” and denying any romantic inclinations walked in Kareena Kapoor. Shahid was smitten for a few years only to realize she was far too glamorous for his liking and bid adieu to her. Thereafter, there has been no end to the list of ladies who have been associated with Shahid ranging from tennis stars ala Sania Mirza to Vidya Balan and more recently Priyanka Chopra. Oh yes, he will next be seen with Anushka Sharma. Any chemistry there? Who knows!

Deepika Padukone too has gained herself quite the reputation. Her loveography has been long and wide: Nihar Pandya (who is he?), Yuvraj Singh, M.S. Dhoni and of course Ranbir Kapoor. While the latter gained the most publicity, who can forget what a field day the media had with the Kapoor-Padukone romance, they unfortunately were not destined for a happily ever after. More recently, Padukone has been seen in the company of the very rich Siddharth Mallya.

Priyanka Chopra found herself in some serious trouble when she was spotted around town with the very married Akshay Kumar. And when Twinkle Khanna became aware of this affair, a major showdown caused Akshay Kumar to tweek all his film contracts to the extent that he will not star in a film that is even closely associated with Chopra. Ouch! Nothing really worked out in the Priyanka-Harman (Hurman –whichever) situation and who knows about her on-off relationship with Shahid.

Lara Dutta was unable to work through her seven year itch with Kelly Dorji and very soon after their break up found herself in the arms of Dino Morea. Needless to say, she walked out of that one. She is now with tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi.

It is beyond understanding as to why on earth no lady has managed to successfully steal the heart of Ranbir Kapoor. Everyone knows he’s a mama’s boy and thus, all you really have to do is win the heart of the super beautiful Neetu Kapoor. It was first Sonam Kapoor whom he very quickly put in the friendship zone followed by Deepika Padukone with whom after a series of unfortunate events (no pun intended here) came to a tragic and sorrowful end. More recently, he has been linked to Katrina Kaif.

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