Not ‘Ready’ for the rains!

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Salman Khan and Asin Thottumkal‘s first ever full scale concert in India, Ready Live Mad Concert, was supposed to be an event full of music, fashion and entertainment. To be held at Tulip Star Hotel in Mumbai on 2nd June, there is no doubt that all Sallu fans were eagerly waiting for this one (what with constructive reports that Salman would be making an entry on a Harley Davidson bike along with co-star Asin). But it seems that the rain Gods had other plans in mind.

With the time for the start of the event getting closer, this BollySpice reporter along with some others were busy watching the last minute touch-ups and practices going on on the stage. Having dealt with the sweltering heat all day, the sudden change in the weather was welcomed by all and it looked like it would be a perfect breezy day by sea-side. But soon it started raining and Mumbai witnessed its first rains of the season. While the audience made a rush to the hotel to escape the rains, the organizers were busy removing the sound equipment to a safe place. With no signs of the rains relenting, it soon became obvious that the event wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Although the lead pair of Ready had not yet arrived, other performing artists like Shibani Kashyap (who was rehearsing on the stage earlier) and Trip Recipe took to the safety of their vanity vans. With the crowd quickly dispersing before transport back home became difficult, this reporter too made an exit. So what if Sallu didn’t make an entry on a bike. The reporter caught music director Pritam rush to the venue on a bike by hitchhiking a ride, in the pouring rains (quite the spirit we must say!).

Needless to say, the event did get cancelled in the end. Looks like nobody for ‘ready’ for this one!

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