Now Asin Gets Injured

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Injuries are almost inevitable in an industry where you’re constantly portraying characters larger than life, but for Asin her very own injury came from an off-the-camera moment.

You may recall us reporting not too long ago about the Good Samaritan gene in the South Princess and the story of how she rushed to a little boy’s safety in the middle of a highway when a speeding car came racing his way. Well, little did Asin know that there are repercussions of even Good Samaritan deeds.

The actress woke up with pain so excruciating that brushing her teeth proved to be an impossible task. Worried parents, as they usually are, rushed her to Lilvati hospital where doctors advised the family that Asin had torn her ligaments from not only one, but both hands.

But is this getting in the way of her daily routine? Not as much as the professional actress can help it. Recently, you may have noticed her looking more stunning than ever before on the ramp for Manish Malhotra’s show. The actress commuted to Mid Day about the event saying that luckily bandages are not required for her and so she saw no reason to withdraw her commitments from Manish.

Unfortunately, the vigorous training scheduled for the actress in Kerala for Kamal Hassan’s next titled 19th Step will be now postponed as such a strain is simply impossible in her state. However, the actresses disclosed that her co-star Kamal Khan will continue his training as schedule and she’ll join post recovery.

Looks like Asin has gotten a welcoming in Indian cinema in a grand way! She’s been linked up with co-stars (Salman Khan — London Dreams), she worked the ramp for one of the hottest shows of the year and now she’s gotten an injury! And this concludes the initiation ceremony. At least we hope so for her sake as far as broken ligaments are concerned!

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