Now Shraddha Wants to be Kareena

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Now that Saif Ali Khan has publicly condemned it, thereby attracting mass attention to its existence, Spectral Multimedia’s The Secret Life of Karina now looks as though it could become a surprise blockbuster hit. So much so, that Shraddha Sharma who originally turned down the lead role now wants to do it. “Kareena Kapoor is the sexiest woman alive,” she says, “I would have loved to play her in a film.” The movie hits the floors next month and also features two other characters, Saifee and Shaheed in a love triangle that will leave no one guessing about its origins.

Saif Ali Khan is said to be angry at the concept of the film and has threatened to ‘teach the director a lesson’. However, the Saifee character is said to be not entirely based on Saif but also to some extent on Salman Khan, incorporating some of the stories of his obsessive love towards Aishwarya Rai. The movie is also said to emulate rumours such as Kareena Kapoor’s original snubbing of Saif’s sister Soha Ali Khan.

Meanwhile, Shraddha appears to have captured the heart of Raja Chaudhary, who has even provided her with a personal bodyguard — who no doubt reports back to Raja! “He is like a little kid,” says a friend, “His eyes sparkle when he speaks about Shradha Sharma.” However, it appears that Shraddha is not yet ready to commit herself fully to a relationship as she has also been seen out and about with DJ Shezwood.

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