Om Puri-still going strong

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Om Puri, one of Bollywood’s finest actors and a veteran of the industry for over 30 years is still going strong. He has just completed a long shoot for Aziz Mizra’s Lucky Charm and is getting ready to make a sequel to Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron.

Puri said, “Kundan Shah who directed Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron 24 years ago is going to do a sequel. We’re all very excited about it.” This classic movie is one of the many hits in Puri’s long list of films. He did add however that making a sequel to that film is going to take some work, “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron remains a cult comedy and recreating the film’s ambiance would be tough.”

About the film he is currently working on, Lucky Charm, (just a working title according to him) he says he took the job because he wanted to work with Aziz Mizra. “I took on the assignment without reading the script. I had never worked with Aziz, and I wanted to. That was enough incentive to take on the role. I don’t have that much to do in Lucky Charm. I play the man who helps Shahid (the hero) realize his dream of building a shopping mall.”

“Sometimes you do a film without asking questions, like I did Buddha Mar Gaya because I wanted to work with Rahul Rawail,” he added.

Besides the sequel to Janne Bhi Do Yarron and the recently released remake of Victoria 203, Puri is all set to revisit another one of his films. “We’re all doing a sequel to Priyadarshan’s Malamaal Weekly from last year. But Rajeev Kumar and not Priyan will be directing it.”

Om Puri gives a wonderful performance in every role we see him in, whether big or small, and we cannot wait to see these new films he has in the pipeline!

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