Onir Anirban wants your help with his new film

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Onir Anirban, director of Sorry Bhai, My Brother Nikhil and Bas Ek Pal, is in pre-production for his next film and he wants your help! He is asking you to come be a part of this project by becoming a co-owner in the film Abhimanyu. Onir explained the concept on the film’s blog, “Anticlock films(Sanjay Suri and myself) would invest half of the budget and the other half we decided to raise from an interactive audience.” They are accepting donations to help with the costs of making the film.

Abhimanyu is one of 5 short films that Onir is writing and directing and all the films deal with a sensitive subject. Abhimanyu was inspired by the real life story of Harish Iyer who had to struggle to pull his life back together after 11 years of child abuse.

According Abhimanyu Facebook group, “In India, one out of every five girls and one out of ten boys face some form of physical or psychological abuse. Sadly, most of these incidents are never reported and innocent victims are forced to suffer in silence. The brave few that do come forward are woefully undeserved by a society that prefers to look away and a legal system that doesn’t care.

We believe that independent cinema exists to give a voice to those working against the tide and outside the system. Abhimanyu is one of five short films directed by Onir to tackle important issues ignored by mainstream Indian cinema. Our idea is to release each film for educational/awareness/festival purposes and eventually compile all five short films into one release for general audiences. These topics are too important to let slide into the shadow.”

Onir added, “The idea is not just money…. but an active audience which cares and makes it possible for a certain kind of films to be made. They participate in making of OUR film. We jointly own the film.

For us Abhimanyu is an experiment… an experiment to prove that the audience cares…. and I need all of you to start actively contribute in making this film…. Give it a thought…. we can do this together.…”

By making a donation you become part of a group working together to get this film made. To find out more and to make your contribution go to iamabhimanyu

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