Oscar Films Get Remade in Bollywood!

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Ever wondered how Aamir Khan would fair in the lead role in Inception? Or how Black Swan would translate in Hindi? Well then wonder no more! Simply tune into this week’s FilmiTalkies podcast!

Your hosts Roshni and Prathna take you on Bollyrific journey in LA, home to Hollywood! Joining in the Oscar frenzy a little late but they’re there in all their glory the two anchors recast their favourite Oscar nominees with your favourite Bollywood stars!

To find who makes the cut as the leading stars in Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Kids Are Alright, Inception, The Social Network and more of the this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Film, tune into Bollyspice’s very own filmi podcast FilmiTalkies!

FilmiTalkies is a Bollywood podcast that releases episodically every week with hosts Roshni Mulchandani and Prathna Tiwari. The girls join together to spread their filmi love and bring you the latest from the entertainment world. Dil Se, Dimaag Se, Bollywood Se! So to get your weekly dose of Bollywood now at www.bollyspice.com/podcast!

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