Padmapriya Rides The Range

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Padmapriya dons a parasol and learns the two-step for her latest movie, Irumbukottai Murattu Singham (Super Cowboy). The western movie also stars a tongue-in-cheek Lawrence. “I play the role of a Marshal’s daughter in a village in this fantasy-action-cowboy movie,” she explains, “The movie is an entertainer. It has everything — action, comedy, eroticism…” The film has two other heroines too in Lakshmi Rai and Sandhya.

Padmapriya’s career is building nicely. After the astonishing Pazhassi Raja, she dipped her toe into Bollywood, a move for which she thanks Siddharth, in the movie Striker – premiered on Youtube and now available on DVD. Next month sees the release of Kuttyshrank with superstar Mammootty. The film, an absolute hoot, has done the rounds of the film festivals. It sees Mammootty starring as a the captain of a small cargo festival that plies the ports of the south. He has wives in three different ports, none of whom know of the others’ existence – until they are suddenly brought together by Mammootty’s apparent death.

Priya is determined to ensure that each of her roles is well-defined and offers an opportunity for her to demonstate her acting talent and not just be eye candy. To demonstrate her commitment, she recently took part in a short movie competition with Charulatayude Baakki, in which she features with Vineeth. The movie looks inside the mind of a young girl being groomed for the marriage market. It won first prize at the fourth national short and documentary film festival.

Priya’s movie with Shivraj Kumar – Thamassu – is also due for release soon. Meanwhile, Andari Bhanduvayya, a romantic comedy with Sharavanand should hit the screens on April 9th. The two stars play kind-hearted lovers in the film.

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