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Starring: Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif, Rajpal Yadav
Director: David Dhawan

The most hyped film of the month – Partner– has turned out to be sort of a disappointment. If you were excited to see a better version of Hitch, then you will be disappointed. Yes, it does have a good cast and it is a David Dhawan film, but still it does not have the usual comic ingredients of a David Dhawan film. His previous movies such as Mujhse Shaadi Karogi or Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya are much better. The film tries hard to make you laugh, but it provides very few laughs and many silly jokes. The movie is somewhat inspired by Hitch, some scenes are in use from the Hollywood version. Don’t expect a masterpiece; just keep your mind at home.

The movie surrounds around Mr. Nonsense, Bhaskar (Govinda), who is madly in love with Priya Jaisingh (Katrina Kaif). She is the rich and the famous daughter of an industrialist tycoon. He leads to Prem (Salman Khan), a “date doctor” who helps helpless men attract their ladylove. Prem falls for Naina (Lara Dutta), a journalist, after saving her from Chota Dhon (Rajpal Yadav) several times. Prem later discovers that Naina has a son and now he is trapped because he has to make her son like him and accept him as his father. Bhaskar succeeds in attracting Priya, but unexpectedly her father comes in the way and rejects Bhaskar as his son-in-law. Priya is getting married and Bhaskar has to do something as soon as possible.

What is up with Mr, David Dhawan? His last released film, Shaadi No.1, was a huge disappointment and this one does not impress either. It is not as disappointing, but one expects more from David Dhawan. It seems like Mr. Dhawan has somewhat lost his comic touch. The last scene is the funniest scene from the film. Chota Don provides some laughs as well. However, there are countless negative aspects in this film such as:

* Chota Don disappearing in the second half.
* Nikki’s story is uncompleted.
* Priya’s father accepting Govinda as his son-in-law just because a child said they are made for each other is completely unconvincing.

The songs seem forced into the film. You’re My Love is enjoyable. Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da is the best track in the album. The rest of the songs are fair. Definitely one of the best albums of Sajid-Wajid. They have not done something very impressing for a long time. Since Mujhse Shaadi Karogi to be precise. Choreography is good. Dialogues could have been better.

Salman is not in his best form, he seems forced all through. This performance is another letdown from Salman after Salaam-E-Ishq. Govinda steals the show. He delivers a wonderful performance. This performance should be listed as one of his most notable and natural performances. Lara does not impress, all she does is look pretty in front of the camera. Any other actress would have performed better. The sequence when she tells Salman her name is Naina and not Maria is misrepresented. Katrina does not get much scope. She looks alluring, especially in the songs Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da & Soni Ke Nakhare. Rajpal Yadav is hilarious. Ali Haji surprises with a confident performance. This performance is his best performance, as it requires more scope for him to perform than his previous films. The rest of the cast are good.

Overall, this movie will work at the box office because of its hype and its genre; comedy is always safe! Most people who did not watch Hitch may go for this one, but whoever watched the Hollywood version might not be overwhelmed expecting something better. Partner could have had a better script, that’s all! Its undeniably not an enhanced version of Hitch. Average to below average!

Our Rating

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