Peek-a-boo: Is that RGV back with a new movie?

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Ram Gopal Verma is a relentless director, with a well-known never-say-die attitude. Despite all the criticism being hurled at him after the disappointing release of Aag last week, he’s all set to come back in his area of expertise: the underworld. This new venture is titled Dhyey.

He explains the title further, “It’s a Sanskrit word for mission. I wanted an unused word to express what the film sets out to achieve. It’ll be a realistic gritty dark film about the link between the underworld and various legitimate and illegitimate terrorist organizations. I want to trace the evolution of the underworld to where it stands today. The underworld started in the 1980s with smuggling then graduated to extortion and contract killings. Today the terrorist organizations are using criminal networks as conduits for their operations. That’s the scenario Dhyey will portray.”

Surprisingly, no known faces will be seen in this movie. RGV elucidates, “I want newcomers because I want the actors to not have any pre-conceived images. But in scale it will be a big-budget film.”

How is this underworld movie going to be different from the other successful ones he has already made? RGV readily expands, “At the time when Satya and Company was made the underworld signified a different kind of fear. Today it’s something else. I want to make it a very hard-hitting film. It will also show links between the underworld and politics and bring in international organizations like the CIA.”

With Darling receiving the thumbs-up from critics this weekend, Sarkar Raj to finish filming in October, and Dhyey to commence in November, Ramu might be on the road to recovery after Aag’s debacle. Well, we certainly hope so!

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