Piggy Chops hurt during shooting of Drona

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Priyanka Chopra aka Piggy Chops was hurt on the set of her new movie, Drona. In the film, Priyanka plays the bodyguard to Abhishek Bachchan’s superhero with Kay Kay Menon portraying the villain.

Since her character is trained in the ancient Sikh martial art called ‘Gagta’, she has been training for a while in the martial arts to prepare. The role requires several dangerous stunt sequences and Priyanka has been performing them herself.

Sadly while shooting one of theses dangerous sequences, she was injured. Priyanka said, “I was doing a somersault when I felt something give way inside my rib cage. I’ve apparently suffered a tear in my abs.”

Adding, “I was having such fun until then. In fact, when I arrive on the sets, I announce, ‘I’m armed and dangerous. So please stay away.”

Her doctors have advised her to rest and allow the injury to heal, but the show must go on as they say and so Priyanka is continuing the shooting schedule.

“If it doesn’t rest it won’t heal. But here I am, shooting a vigorous dance song for Rajiv Surti. It’s so painful. I’ve no choice but to continue. I don’t know how I’ll manage,” Priyanka said.

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