PPC Horrortainment’s 8

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Although billed by some as the new face of Bollywood, model Sheena Nayar deliberately chose a horror film to be her debut movie. The thriller 8 will be PPC Horrortainment’s, the newly-formed horror wing of PPC, kick-off movie. “The association of PPC, Wilson Louis as director, plus the script were the key ingredients in my choosing this film as my launch,” says Sheena, “My forte is to act and I feel this film will give me the perfect platform to do just that. Even the director felt that the character is a very intense one and only a serious minded actor would be able to pull it off.”

Inspired by movies such as 1920, Phoonk and Raaz 2, PPC Horrortainment hope to see the horror genre grow to the level of 8% or more as it is in Hollywood. But why was Sheena so keen to be involved? “Nowadays, when trends and clich

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