Preity & The Dream Girls

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Bollywood actress turned businesswoman, Preity Zinta, has come up with an idea to generate much-needed funds for the third sector – an all-girl’s international basketball squad called the Dream Girls. “The players will be internationally-famous women like film stars, supermodels, socialites and, of course, there’ll be me – the captain – and we’ll be playing with professional basketball teams around the world,” she says, “American experts from NBA will train us.” As Preity only stands 1.65m, she might find it hard to make point guard on the team. But what a great idea – who wouldn’t be prepared to go and see such a game – who would you choose for your team?

Having made a second fortune from IPL cricket, Preity is hoping to develop her business skills further by taking a course at Harvard. “Yes, I’m going to the Harvard Business School to study a short executive course in negotiating and deal-making,” she confirms, “I thought that since I spend so much time in the US, I might as well use the experience better. I applied to Harvard and got accepted, so I’m quite kicked about going there next month.”

Bubbly Preity has no plans to give up her first career, however, and is focussing on commercial cinema for the time being. She recently conducted a survey amongst her fans – asking them whom they would like to see her acting with. “There’s a tie between Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh!” she excliams, “I’m going to go in search of them now!”

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