Preview: All I Want is Everything

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The decade gone by welcomed many changes to the face of Indian Cinema. While rom-coms mostly ruled the roost, filmmakers began innovating and experimenting with other genres. One such bunch of movies popularly termed ‘bromance’ introduced by the blockbuster Dil Chahta Hai became an instant hit mostly among collegians. Celebrating abiding male friendships, the recent superhits 3 Idiots and Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara reaffirmed the faith in this subject. On the contrary, films featuring female friendships are far and few in between. Collectively termed ‘chick-flicks’ these movies unapologetically end up being about the men in the lives of the women protagonists and their love lives while bonding over mall trips.

All I Want Is Everything is an English film produced under the banner of Banayenge films by Television anchor Jhansi Laxmi, co-produced by Rekha Pappu, and written & directed by debutant filmmaker Shital Morjaria. Introducing three new faces Sagari Venkata (as Vaijanti), Sampada Harkara (as Nidhi) and Ianta Mitchell (as Trisha), the film is based around teenage friendships, the societal image of today’s Indian contemporary woman, the choices she wants to make, the dreams and aspirations she has. Based in the cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad in South India three girls; Nidhi, Vaijanti and Trisha meet at a film appreciation course. Each girl has a story to tell. The underlying emotions of fears, desires, aspirations and well kept secrets are a part of their stories.

Shot in a span of 10 days, All I Want Is Everything was an official entry at the South Asian Film festival (SAFF), Goa, the third eye 11th Asian Festival in Mumbai and is working towards a theatrical release.

Check out the trailer and stills from the movie.













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