Pritam all smiles with Ranbir and Amitabh on the sets of Brahmastra

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An Ayan Mukerji directed film, and Karan Johar production, the highly anticipated Brahmastra stars the incredible cast of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, and Amitabh Bachchan along with many other fine actors.

A planned trilogy that is a fantasy adventure and a fairy tale, the director earlier expanded on this saying, “It’s a modern-day film set in India as it exists today. But the reason it’s called Brahmastra is because the energies, wisdom, powers in the film come from ancient India. That’s all I would say.”

While star Ranbir said before filming in an interview, “It is actually a supernatural romantic fairy tale at heart. Ayan will never make a character that doesn’t have truth to it, or which is unbelievable. It’s too early to talk about the film, but it is something I am terribly excited about.”

Ayan added in an interview, “It’s a very big project of my life. All my hopes are on this film. I am very excited about the cast but I hope the film is even bigger than the cast. They have all come together because of the story and the theme of the film.”

Not only are the cast completely passionate about this film, the composer, Pritam, is also beyond excited to create the music for this epic story.

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