Pritam-Imtiaz Break-Up

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After delivering massive musical hits like Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal with Imtiaz Ali, all thought Pritam and Imtiaz equal a perfect equation for a hit. And they did!

Surprisingly, it’s not the same this time, with Imtiaz’s next release Rockstar. Pritam declined any offers or talks with Imtiaz for Rockstar. It has been confirmed that AR Rahman is doing the music and Pritam hopes to work with Imtiaz in the near future. Now that’s a strong statement.

Imtiaz wasn’t available for any comments.

Imtiaz seems to have broken quite a few hearts with each of his movies. No, no we are not going personal. Remember when Kareena got her award for Jab We Met, she quoted that she was upset with Imtiaz for not casting her in Love Aaj Kal, whilst Imtiaz is known for his head over heart attitude with his casting. In his next movie, Imtiaz has roped in Ranbir Kapoor, instead of Saif Ali Khan, having an image of a rockstar himself. And exclusion of Pritam looks nothing new and different with Imtiaz’s love for variety and change.

On the other hand, AR Rahman has confirmed that he’s doing the music of Rockstar and quarter of the music is already done.

Now we wait to see if Maestro AR Rahman and Imtiaz’s fresh jodi creates magic, like Pritam and Ali’s jodi did.

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