Priyanka and Her Girlfriend

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Have you ever heard or even thought of befriending your former flame’s close friends? Well, well if not, such things are possible only in the Tinsel Town. Here we are talking of our very own Priyanka Chopra, who is extremely close to Shahid Kapoor’s close friend Mubina. But now rumors are floating around that once close friends Mubina and Priyanka have had a major fall out.

Allegedly, Piggy Chops got to know that Mubina and Shahid were more than good friends, but that was before Shahid and Priyanka’s relation. Mubina was close to both Shahid and Priyanka, but this caused more harm than good. Shahid, however, didn’t like PC and Mubina getting close and even had a fight with PC, when they were seeing each other. But post break-up, Priyanka continued being friends with Mubina, and in fact got closer. But then a twist interlude – PC’s and Mubina’s talks didn’t remain confined to them. And recently, PC acknowledged that certain things she shared with Mubina in regard with Shahid reached him.

When confronted by PC, Mubina clearly denied leaking out info. But when it happened again, Priyanka preferred keeping Mubina away. So, now Priyanka needs to think before leaping and trusting people.

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