Priyanka Chopra – Love is Possible

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It’s been almost a perfect year for Priyanka Chopra. After swimming in awards and accolades for Fashion and Dostana, she then went on to another big hit in Kaminey and put in a stunning set of performances in the otherwise uninspiring What’s Your Rashee? Now, she looks like rounding off the year, looking lovelier than ever, in Pyaar Impossible with Uday Chopra. She also offers some wise words on the subject, itself. “Pyaar is never impossible,” she says, “It becomes impossible due to situations and circumstances. It often happens that you can’t confess your love because you just can’t say it! But even after trying, if it doesn’t happen… then it wasn’t meant for you.”

Priyanka, who has been linked in the past with other co-stars, possibly taking method acting a bit far, has recently been linked to her co-star from Anjaana Anjaani, Ranbir Kapoor – but wasn’t he recently trying to get back with Deeps? – it gets confusing sometimes.

Meanwhile, Priyanka may be sticking to the old adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – failing all else of course, you can always cash in that ring he gave you for up to 80% of its original value – so the rule is never throw it back in his face when the relationship ends. Priyanka is the brand ambassador for Gitanjali’s Asmi range of jewellery. “I am quite simplistic in my taste of diamond jewellery,” she explains, “I believe in myself and the brand also stands for women who believe in themselves, women of spirit, something which I personally identify with. Asmi identifies with almost everything I stand for – which is why I feel great endorsing it.” So, it’s not the money then?

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