Priyanka Chopra – She’s Every Woman!

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After the debacle of Love Story 2050, Priyanka Chopra will be teaming up with Harman Baweja again for What’s Your Rashee?, a comedy based on Madhu Rye’s novel Kimball Ravenswood. Priyanka will be playing TWELVE different roles in the movie, appearing as a different woman for each of the signs of the zodiac! Take your pick, fellas!!

After the initial aftermath to audience and critical reaction to Love Story 2050, Priyanka has adopted a tranquil approach to the project, “It’s a film that will be always remembered for its special effects. We spent three years on it and I think our efforts have not gone waste,” she says.

Priyanka was recently injured whilst shooting for Kamminay with Shahid Kapoor. They were both riding a bike when it slipped off a slope and landed on top of them. “By god’s grace, I am fine and so is Shahid,” Priyanka reassured her fans. “Except for a few cuts and bruises. I think the only thing that is seriously damaged is my ego, otherwise I am alive and kicking,” This is Priyanka’s second accident this year — she was injured doing stunts for the upcoming eagerly awaited Drona, which also stars Jaya Bachchan and KK Menon. If accidents come in threes…

It’s been a quiet year for former Miss World and US-educated Priyanka so far with the dissapointing Love Story 2050 and the ‘yeah, yeah, seen it all before’ God Tussi Great Ho which was banned in the Gulf presumably on the grounds of lack of imagination. Priyanka isn’t too concerned, however, by her second flop of the year. “I hardly had much to do in God Tussi Great Ho . It’s not easy to be commercially successful. We can’t wait for that one ‘deglamourised’ role, which will let us do our best. If I get an opportunity to be part of a successful film, I consider myself lucky,” she explains.

However, things are beginning to look up in the second half of the campaign with Chamku, also starring Bobby Deol, to be released next week, and then Drona on October 2nd, the must-see Fashion on October 14th and then Dostana in November. With John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan also in the cast, Dostana could turn out to be one of the biggest films of the year. Also, Priyanka’s relationship with Harman appears to be back on track and there’s even a rumour she might be signed for a return performance in next year’s guaranteed big hit, Don 2.

Priyanka is particularly looking forward to Drona and Fashion. “For Drona, I learnt gatka, a form of martial arts. I also loved getting ready for my role in Fashion because I left modelling long time back and it was fun getting into that kind of make-up and frame of mind.”

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