Priyanka Chopra’s Victory

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Priyanka Chopra rescued what could have been a disastrous year with two hits in Fashion and Dostana and is now back at the top of the tree. The same unfortunately cannot be said for boyfriend Harman Baweja. Despite Priyanka’s loving support in Love Story 2050, he really didn’t have the charisma to carry off the role and now his latest film Victory is in difficulty with distributors running a mile at the price being demanded. So Priyanka’s racing to the rescue and has offered to do another one of her sizzling item numbers — this time dressed only in a bikini.

And Priyanka’s not finished in her efforts to launch Harman in his career yet. She will be appearing alongside him in What’s Your Rashi? in which she plays twelve different roles. It’s based on the novel Kimball Ravenswood and Priyanka says, ““It is a romantic comedy and my character is something nobody’s ever played in Indian cinema, no female actress for sure. I hope the film turns out interesting too. This film will also give a lift to my career.”

Meanwhile, here’s a quiz question: What do Priyanka and the Kolkata Knight Riders have in common? The answer is they’re both part of a developing trend in marketing. For a long time, the concept has been that a brand needed one strong ambassador that the customers could identify with — but more recently, as the market has diversified, companies are increasingly using a number of different celebrities for the same brand in order to capture different segments of the market. As Parveen Jaipuriar, a senior marketing manager puts it, “As market segmentation/product differentiation is getting stronger, it’s necessary to be very focused in brand communication. We will soon see an increasing number of brand ambassadors for each segment.” So Nokia’s new Style campaign features both Priyanka Chopra for the girls to identify with, and the Kolkata Knight Riders for the boys.

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