Priyanka in 2 new movies

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Priyanka Chopra, who as we previously reported has 3 new movies coming out, has now signed on for two more. One is the Karan Johar produced, Tarun Mansukhani directed film and the other is Fashion directed by Madhur Bhandarkar.

The Karan Johar produced film starts shooting inMarch and along with Priyanka the film will star Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. Priyanka said, “I’m really glad I’m finally working with Karan. It’s a fun-filled, young, romantic comedy. I’m paired with Abhishek and John. It’s always a pleasure working with these two guys. They are a barrelful of fun. In fact, I’m shooting with Abhishek now. It’s a desert. But it’s freezing.”

She is currently working with Abhishek on the thriller Drona and recently we reported that she injured herself doing a complicated stunt. Well, she did not take the doctors advice and let her abdominal muscle tear heal and now she has re-injured it again. “The doctors had told me to let the pulled muscle in my abs heal for at least six weeks. But last week I was doing a stunt scene here in Namibia, the abs got wounded again. I can’t do anything about it because the action scenes scheduled for Namibia have to be shot, come what may,” Priyanka said. Adding, “Fortunately, my mother is with me and she’s looking after me quite well. Her being a doctor helps. I’ve no choice but to do my stunts through the injury. Once I get back to Mumbai, I can let it heal.”

After Drona and after the Johar film, when the dates can be worked out, Priyanka will begin shooting for Fashion. Madhur Bhandakar says the role will present Priyanka in yet another totally different avatar. “It’s substantial and strong. And something she has never done before. Nor has such a character been shown in our cinema. Naturally, she’ll be the main protagonist. And her character will have many shades, several ups and downs. We’ll see the entire fashion industry from her character’s point of view,” Bhandarkar said.

We sincerely hope that Priyanka can soon take some time to heal and look forward to seeing each of her different avatars in these films.

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