Priyanka’s Phobia on ‘Drona’

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Opening this Thursday is the highly anticipated film Drona, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra. In the film action/adventure/fantasy film Priyanka plays Abhishek’s bodyguard and for the role she was asked to do many stunts. Most of them she took in stride, but there was one sequence she was not so comfortable with.

Director Goldie Behl explained to IANS, “Since the day we started shooting the film, Priyanka was very confident about all her action scenes. She was very confident until we started shooting for a scene where she was supposed to ride a horse. She suddenly got very edgy with the idea.”

It turns out that the beautiful star has a phobia about horses and it took all of her courage to do the shot. Behl added, “The horse sequence was very prominent for the scene. After a creative discussion, she actually shot for the entire sequence. Once the camera rolled no one could make out that she was scared and she shot like a pro.”

Be sure to see Drona when it opens in theaters on October 2nd!

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