Rahul Bose’s Promo Gets Fiery Reception

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Promos for Rahul Bose‘s new horror movie Fired have been banned from Indian television, being seen as too gory as well as including a sexy shot of Rahul with British co-star Militza Radmilovic. The supernatural film is about the potential pitfalls facing a boss who ruthlessly fires an erring employee. “I feel we have a misplaced sense of censorship,” said Rahul, “What I feel is gory or vulgar somebody else might not. Even for the sex scene, I feel people are more mature now and so self-censorship should be the key.”

One of Bollywood’s most radical and interesting actors, Rahul’s movie with equally radical director Onir called I Am is set for the Rotterdam International Film Festival in January. It’s a collection of four different short stories – I Am Omar / I Am Abhmanyu / I Am Megha / I Am Afia. “It has been a terrific collaborative effort so far,” Onir explained, “We keep talking about team effort. However, it is much more visible and intense when it comes to movies like these where there are multiple crews and diverse cast members involved. It is due to everyone coming together for a cause that has helped me wrap up three stories already.”

Green activist Rahul recently played the role of a police officer in the Bengali movie Antaheen, a bitter-sweet love story with the remarkable young actress Radhika Apte, who has been compared to a young Sharmila Tagore. The film was shown at the recent south Asian movie festival in New York. “It has no commercial element in it but there is an emotional resonance in the film that everybody can understand,” he confirmed, “It’s a very acceptable, urban, good looking and very well shot film.”

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