Rajni requests, Sonu delivers

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When it comes to rumours and hype about a film, Rajnikanth is one of the few that demands a lot of attention from his fans and the media in general. In fact, besides the on-going roundabout with who is playing what role in his next film, the latest buzz that comes to Sonu Sood.

As an actor for who has won accolades for his negative roles, including last years Dabangg and the Telugu films Arundhati and Ek Niranjan, Sonu wanted to take a break and actually had no intention of doing the another villain act before Dabangg 2. So where does Rajnikanth fit into this? Sonu explains to the Mumbai Mirror, “Rajni sir insisted. And you know happens to anyone who says ‘no’ to Rajni sir.” The actor has also squashed rumours that he needs to lose his 6 pack physique for Rana to match Rajni saying “We’ve to ensure it looks convincing”

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