Rakhi Fighting On All Sides

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Rakhi Sawant is said to be furious with Mallika Sherawat for her refusal to appear on Rakhi’s hit Zoom TV chat show, The Rakhi Sawant Show. “Yes, Mallika refused to come on my show,” she says, and then adds with her usual touching modesty, “When stars like Aamir and Shahrukh have given me so much love and respect, who is Mallika to refuse? In any case, it wasn’t my decision to approach her. Mallika isn’t on my wish list of stars. My producers approached her and she declined. I have been told that Mallika is insecure about facing me. She has no reason to be. I am not a good dancer like her and she’s a big star where as I am the poorest person in the industry today.” And then, with touching generosity, she added, “I won’t become smaller if she doesn’t come on my show, but she becomes small for refusing. Anyway, I have no problems that Mallika refused me. When she needs me I will stand by her.”

Meanwhile, the outrageous Sherlyn Chopra, who has just released her second CD Dard-e-Sherlyn, is said to be annoyed at being compared with Rakhi. She had been approached to appear in The Big Boss but alliteratively turned it down saying she wasn’t going to share her belongings, bed and bathroom with anyone. When it was pointed out that it was The Big Boss that had catapulted Rakhi to stardom, she became miffed saying that was like comparing with a Merc with a Nano. Both Sherlyn and Rakhi will soon appear together in a new Yash Raj movie — watch out for some fireworks on set!

Finally, in our round-up of Bollywood’s Battling Babes, there’s some good news for Mallika, who has succeeded in removing an unwanted tenant from a property she owned in Delhi. She had claimed that the company leasing the property since 1998, Career Plus, had fallen behind in their rent.

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