Rambha Wows in ‘Quick Gun Murugan’

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Rambha recently wowed the audiences at the London International Film Festival with her performance as Mango Dolly in Quick Gun Murugan — a particularly vampish role! Perhaps few of the audience realised that Rambha is one of the most accomplished actresses in India with over 100 movies in every major language.

She has now decided to reduce the number of roles she takes and will concentrate on the quality of her performance. She has just completed shooting Vidiyum Varai Kathiru with Prakashraj. Some of her most memorable films include Siddharta and Chronic Bachelor with Mammootty, Alex and Three Roses, the film she produced that almost bankrupted her — forcing her even to remortgage her house.

Rambha’s fans are extremely loyal, often turning up to watch a film simply because she’s in it. How does she feel to be the centre of attention in this way? “I like it very much. When I entered the filed, I used to dream that people would come to see me. Every artiste has this dream, though he or she may not admit it! When I go out, I want people to recognise me. I’ve been like that since I was a child. I crave attention! As a kid, whenever I wore a new outfit, I wanted everyone’s attention.”

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