Rambow Ramu is The King of Bollywood

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As BollySpice readers know, actually handling paper these days is so noughties. The new way to access information and entertainment will be to download e-magazines through apps on your mobiles. Chennai-based Comicshead, part of Nextwave Multimedia, is well ahead of the game on this one and is hoping to gain space with a range of desi-based comics with new episodes pumped out weekly.

The first of these is Rambow Ramu, a struggling young actor who lives, breathes and dreams Bollywood. 98% of the reviews received so far since it’s launch have been positive. “One of the Best Comics on Ovi….We want more…Looks great on My Nokia N97,” said one reader.

Nextwave is also planning to launch three new series to compete in this burgeoning market – The Story of Gandhi, Thomas Alva Edison and Panchatantra Tales of Wisdom – based on the original 2200 year old classic. One of the most intriguing, however, is their What If? comic series which looks at important questions in graphic form such as “What If Superheroes Came to India?” “What If Software Guys Ran the World?” And so on.

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