Rana is Rajni’s response?

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He is the force that which many admire and dream of becoming. His appeal surpasses language and country. His records speak for themselves but there is one thing that a film critic will find difficult to analyse. His acting. Who are we talking about? Rajnikanth of course! While the Superstar of the south maybe beyond reproach for some, others find him to be all style and no substance. An actor that began his career doing negative shaded roles, somewhere along the line, the star took away his versatility.

However, now Rajni is doing all that he can to change the path in front of him. While Baba, which was highly anticipated, may not have done so well, the film was made with minimal gimmicky antics that made many of past roles famous. When Endhiran/Robot came and conquered, most did not deny it was pleasant to see Rajni play a normal, humanly flawed character as Dr Vaseegaran. Now we hear he is planning on continuing the morph back with his latest film Rana. Given that he’s been bitten twice by failure, rest assured it will be thought through carefully. But will Rana be the response film critics and fans alike want to see? Only time will tell.

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