Ranbir on dropping the towel and films

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I know that many of you after you read the first part of the title probably have fainted and didn’t read the rest, but I hope you have recovered enough to keep reading this article!

Though very shy in interviews and on TV, it would appear that once in front of the camera this young Kapoor, like his forefathers, comes alive. Not that he is not totally cute in interviews but it seems once the camera started rolling for his debut film Ranbir lost his shyness and even (ok get a soft pillow near by) bares his backside in one part of the film.

Ranbir said, “Yes, I have bared my butt in the film, and it’s for a song. I was not all embarrassed to do it at all. I would do anything at all for cinema. There are no inhibitions involved. I may be a very shy person otherwise, but once in front of the camera, I can open up. I hope people enjoy watching the scene.”

Being part of the Kapoor film dynasty has its benefits, but it was not all easy sailing for him and he does not like that people think he got this handed to him. “People think that I have it all on a platter just because I am a Kapoor. But please don’t look down on me just because I am born into a ‘film’ family. We have our own disadvantages, our own disappointments. Sure, my rise is faster, but my fall could be harder.”

Adding, “I just want respect for the fact that I also had my own struggle. I went through some very tough times during the making of the film. There were times when I would get depressed, but I kept myself going.”

Still he does feel his luck that for his debut film Sanjay Lee Bhansali guided him. “I know that even if I had been launched by my own banner, I wouldn’t have got such a great launch. Sanjay sir has taught me a great deal. Everything I do from now on will always be compared to Saawariya. It is the benchmark for all I’ll do later,” he said.

All Ranbir can concentrate on is November 9th, the date Saawariya releases and says that he is nervous, scared and excited. On November 8th while waiting for the film to debut what will he be doing? Smiling Ranbir replied, “I’ll probably be jumping all over my house, screaming out loudly (a la Tom Cruise?). And, on a more sober note, I’ll be spending time with my family.”

As we all know November 9th has another big film also releasing, the SRK starrer Om Shanti Om. Ranbir is very gracious and said, “I want Om Shanti Om (OSO) to do well, and I wish them all the best. I want people to like OSO.” But adding with a smile, “I just hope my film does better than theirs!”

As for what is next after Saawariya’s release: “I’m reading scripts, listening to story ideas. I want to do all kinds of films. My dad has always told me that many people depend on films for their livelihood, and it’s my job to keep on doing films. That is exactly what I intend to do.”

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