Ranbir’s world tour is happening!

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Good news for all Ranbir Kapoor fans. The actor, who turned 30 recently, confirmed that his world tour is definitely happening.

Ever since the tour was announced in 2010, the actor and his father have been busy with all aspects to make sure that this tour will be mind-blowing. The tour was suppose to kick off in the summer of 2011. But in January 2011, it was announced that the tour had been postponed.

Reasons given in the media for its delay were casting trouble, date trouble and the release of Rockstar. Kapoor also wanted to make sure that he had a good set of songs to perform, as he was still just a few films old. Father Rishi later confirmed that they wanted to wait till after the release of Rockstar and Barfi!

We really haven’t heard much on any developments regarding this tour, and after the success of Rockstar and Barfi we got curious. So Charla, our Holland Correspondent, decided to ask Ranbir if the tour is still happening and when.

“Well, its still in its preliminary stages. We are currently busy with the casting. We kind of hope to lock it down for next year and hopefully travel around the world and especially Amsterdam to come and perform.”

So all you Ranbir fans, be prepared to rock n’ roll with this rock star soon!

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