Rani Mukherjee fascinated by Crime Reporters

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Rani Mukherjee will be seen in a new light, as she takes on the role of a feisty crime reporter, Meera, in her upcoming release No One Killed Jessica. It seems that Rani has become fascinated by the job of a crime reporter. The Bollywood actress has been talking about how, after watching the movie, people will respect crime reporters and ‘salute them’ for their job. She says that crime reporting ‘is very fascinating profession where the basic job requirement is to be fearless and brave. I feel great that I am portraying the role of a crime reporter’.

After taking on the role of a crime reporter Rani now appreciates how difficult and risky their job is, and how the job is tougher for girls. Rani feels that the film will show the media in a more powerful light, unlike other movies where the media is often shown in a negative light. The Bollywood actress feels that the media played an important role in delivering justice for Jessica Lall, and is one of the reasons she took on the role.

Vidya Balan stars alongside Rani Mukherjee and takes on the role of Jessica’s sister Sabrina. The two Bollywood actresses have been spending a lot of time together as they are travelling up and down India promoting their new film; putting all rumours of a rift, between the two, to an end.

No One Killed Jessica is based on the murder case of Indian model Jessica Lall in 1999 and the struggle her sister Sabrina Lall had to go through to find justice. It releases in cinemas on January 7th 2011.

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