Rani Mukherjee on Jiggling

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At a press conference in London on her way back from Toronto, Dil Bole Hadippa’s Rani Mukherjee talked about the problems she faced acting as a boy for the movie. “I had to train hard for six months, lose weight and tone my body,” she said, “Because I did not want anything jiggling about on the field. I did yoga and weights alternately and lost about seven kilos. I did two hours of cricket training every day, that was drilling but I guess that is what charges me as an actor because for me it’s important that every day when I go for work there is something new and exciting.” What did she find was the big difference between being a man and a woman, she was asked. “;I had to stand with my legs apart – that’s the difference,” she replied.

The actress, whose career has been reborn through the movie, would now like to try some new things, including an action movie. “I would love to do something different from what I’ve been doing,” she confirmed, “I would love to do an action film because it is something I’ve never done.”

Rani stole the show at the Toronto International Film Festival where Dil Bole Hadippa was the first mainstream masala movie to have its world premiere at the festival. She walked the red carpet, turning heads in synch as she drifted by in a purple strapless gown. “Toronto, I have heard, is a city full of people who love all kinds of movies,” she said. “Yet our film is a masala commercial film. And to be featured in a gala event such as this is a very big honour.”

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