Rhea Kapoor’s Numerous Favors for Boyfriend Exposed!

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Just when you the filmi market is silent from the screams of controversy and rumors, a big one makes an appearance. And this time it is not the older Kapoor daughter making the news but rather the young daughter of Anil Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, incidentally also producer of her sister’s upcoming Emma’s remake Aisha.

It seems that the director of Aisha, Rajshri Ojha, and Rhea never really saw eye to eye throughout the making of the film. Whilst sister Sonam Kapoor made it rather apparent on sets that she didn’t agree with Rajshri’s vision, Rhea made life as difficult for the director by constantly outshining her in attempts to give her boyfriend, Karan Boolani, an assistant director of the film, more limelight.
The two sisters made it obvious that Rajshri was the minority voice on the sets despite being the captain of the ship. Whilst Sonam’s dislike for Rajshri’s approach was very much visible to all the cast and crew present, Rhea’s bias ways became even more apparent in their outdoor show in Rishikesh.

Rhea was so adamant to get her boyfriend more limelight that during an outdoor shoot she decided to push Karan ahead of director Rajshri to shoot a song. Bystanders on the sets found this very odd as Rajshri was very much present on sets yet was made to sit out the shooting. Sources from the sets were quick to share with various media outlets that things were evidently much easier for Karan being the producer’s boyfriend. What is even more intriguing about this entire controversy is that papa-Kapoor is heard to be not quite fond of Karan yet no word came from his side on the matter.

Well it’s yet to be seen if the Kapoor sisters can churn out an entertaining film however what is already decided is they both make quite the candidate for tabloids with their obvious talent to create controversy. How this family politics affects the movie will just have to be seen when Aisha hits screens this August.

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