Rishi Kapoor charmed by Anushka Ranjan!

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It’s not every day that senior star Rishi Kapoor compliments an actor. That’s why debutant actress Anushka Ranjan was overjoyed to have been praised by the senior Kapoor.

The two share screen space in cinematographer-turned-director Binod Pradhan’s Wedding Pullav, and while most of the young cast and crew, including Pradhan, were intimidated with his personality, Anushka pulled off her scene with Kapoor with much ease. So much so, that post the scene, the senior star complimented the newbie.

Reveals an insider, “Rishiji and Anushka were shooting for a scene in a Bangkok hotel. Post the scene, Rishiji told Anushka that while many actors tend to get nervous in his presence and forget their lines, Anushka in spite of being a debutant came across as a very confident actress and got her shot right.”


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