Ritesh On Do Knot Disturb

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Ritesh Deshmukh has quite the slate of movies coming up and one of those is the David Dhawan directed film Do Knot Disturb, which releases today. Along with the Ritesh, the comedy stars Govinda, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, Sohail Khan, Ranvir Shorey and Rajpal Yadav. The film is about Govinda, his wife – Sushmita Sen, his girlfriend – Lara Dutta and the man he hires to pretend to be his girlfriend’s boyfriend – Ritesh Deshmukh – all done in typical Dhawan zany hilarity! Ritesh recently talked about working the masters of comedy David and Govinda and of course the beautiful ladies of Do Knot Disturb.

Ritesh says he was eager to work with the director and accepted the role right away, “I was really looking forward to work with him and the day he approached me with this offer, I was ready for it in no time.”

In another interview he talked about working with the cast and Dhawan, “First and foremost I just concentrated on understanding the scene from David. Of course whether it was Govinda, Lara, me or anyone else, suggestions would come naturally. Everyone did come up with his or her own bit and the atmosphere was such that we could walk up to David and have a discussion with him.”

The young actor says that he likes doing comedy roles and that they seem to work for him, “Well, the only reason for me doing comedy films is because they are enjoyed by the audience every time. It’s not true that I haven’t done any other genres of films but I didn’t get a good response in those movies.”

Of course, Ritesh had to stay sharp while doing scenes opposite one of the best comedians in Hindi Cinema, Govinda, “It was a wonderful experience. He is undoubtedly the ‘King of Comedy’. When he is acting with you for a scene, it instinctively happens that you tend to perform well because of his performance.” In another interview he commented, “I had to be constantly on my toes. The man is superb and on his sheer comic prowess, you never know how a scene could eventually turn out to be even better than the way it was written on paper.”

He also was nothing but praise for costars Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen. About Sushmita he said, “As all of you know that she is so beautiful, she was great to work with. Whenever she used to arrive at the set, everyone used to silently admire her beauty.”

Ritesh is a great admirer of Lara Dutta and he thinks that she is one of the best female stars at comedy, “This ways Lara is quite good. Not many filmmakers have given so many other leading ladies a chance for comedy. Someone had to make an effort and it is nice to see that Lara has picked up good comic roles that have come her way,” he told Joginder Tuteja.

But what does everyone say about his performance in the film? Director Dhawan said, “Ritesh is very good with his comedy timing. Everyone is going love him in the film.” With Lara saying, “I would say that Ritesh is the next Govinda in making. There is only one Govinda but I think someday Ritesh will give Govinda a run for his money.”

Up next for Ritesh is the fantasy Aladin with Amitabh Bachchan and then he also has in the pipeline the comedy Housefull, which once again stars Lara Dutta as well as Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone.

Be sure and check out Do Knot Disturb, which is already getting good reviews, it opens in theaters today!

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