Sabrina for 2 States

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Making an adaptation can be a longer process than a straight film and it seem that is once again true with Vishal Bharadwaj’s film based on the book by Chetan Bhagat, 2 States. The film, which has Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role has been in talks for quite some. The latest update is our Bollywood Ka Baadshah and Comedy Kingpin Producer want to turn it into a bilingual aimed at the global market.

Although Chetan Bhagat was approached to write the script, Sajid Nadiadwala, producer of the film has told Times of India Chetan is not writing the script and they are looking to push the film into the worldwide realm of cinema. “Yes, we’re looking at 2 States as a project with a much wider reach than our other films, as it has the potential to break through boundaries. We’ve got Sabrina Dhawan on board to write the screen adaptation.” So who is Sabrina Dhawan you may ask. For those that remember the 2001 smash success by Mira Nair, Monsoon Wedding, it is the same Sabrina Dhawan that has been given the task as writer for 2 States.

So with Chetan out of the picture and claiming ignorance to the change while maintaining he is busy with his latest book, Sajid clarifies that progress is definitely being made. “Sabrina and Vishal are now in Delhi working on the script. We’ll finalize the casting after the script is done. It should take about a month as we’re going on floors in July,” says the Housefull producer.

We will keep you in the loop so watch for more on this new film!

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