Saif Ali Khan not in producer Karan Johar’s next

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Contrary to the rumors swirling around Saif (no, not those rumors) the reason he is not doing Karan Johar’s next producing venture is because he did not have the dates available, not because he did not want to share scenes with Abhishek.

“It is not because I’m insecure about being in the same picture as Abhishek for Christ’s sake! As a matter of fact the little that I got to work with Abhishek in Salaam Namaste, I really enjoyed myself. I can see us having a ball on a film together. I’d love to do a full-fledged film with Abhishek any day,” Saif said. The untitled film is being produced by Johar and directed by Tarun Mansukahni, Karan’s assitant.

Saif is set to do Kunal Kohil’s next with Rani and said, “In fact, the dates for Kunal’s and Karan’s films coincided. There was no way I could do both. And since I was committed to do Kunal’s film beforehand, there was no way I could fit into Karan’s film.” Adding, “Maybe if Kunal’s film didn’t require a particular look I could’ve taken on Karan’s film.”

Saif, like many great actors, is now using a change in his hair, a beard or any other differences he can make to help him truly get into character. “After Omkara I’ve realized how important the physical appearance is for a character. Earlier in Hum Tum I had the long haired look for a part of the plot. That really added to my character. Now I’ll do one film at a time so I can experiment with my looks,” Saif explained.

He is sorry that the dates did not work out for this film and would definitely like to work with Karan again, “My loss entirely. It’s always a pleasure to work with Karan. He’s a dear friend since Kal Ho Naa Ho. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities.”

We look forward to seeing Saif in each new avatar when his upcoming films, Race, Tashan and the one with Rani come to theaters!

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