Saif gets a mustache and a producing job

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Saif Ali Khan is keeping busy these days! He has been working on his new film, Tashan, and it has been a very intense shooting schedule. He is also getting ready to take on the mantle of producer. Here are two exciting stories about one of Bollywood’s best actors!

Saif is taking a page out of the Aamir Khan book and changing his appearance for his role in Tashan. It is being reported that not only has he grown side burns, but will also be sporting a double-barreled mustache for his role in the film.

Saif said, “It’s part of that discipline I’ve acquired during Omkara. There, I was so apprehensive about shaving off my head. Once I got over the typical star-vanity of looking glamorous, I realized a physical makeover makes a helluva difference to the characterization.”

Tashan, which also stars Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor is a Yash Raj film that is set to release early 2008.

Now on to his producing gig, Saif and his close friend Dinesh Vijen are starting a banner together and “are going to work together to make films that other people wouldn’t want to make with me.” Saif added that, “I want to produce anything from an espionage thriller to a period murder mystery which might not make too much money, to an off-the-wall romantic comedy, any slice-of-life film. I’m not looking at making money here, though it’d be nice if my productions do make money.”

The actor is going to star in and produce an espionage thriller called Agent Vinod as his first film. It was a childhood dream of Saif’s to one day play a spy and now this film will make that come true. It is being directed by Sriram Raghavan and will be in the James Bond style with Saif getting to play the suave, dangerous spy who gets all the beautiful women!

Since he saw Rajshri’s movie of the same name, Saif has been interested in putting his own spin on the character. According to Raghavan, “Though our Agent Vinod will have nothing to do with the old Rajshri film of that name, it would be exploring the same espionage territory, albeit in an entirely new idiom.” He also said that, “Saif and I had been brainstorming over this project for a long time and yes, now it’s on.”

Besides the new look for Tashan, we hear that Saif is already starting to step up his workouts to get buff for the role of Agent Vinod!

We are sure that we will love seeing him in both these roles, but especially cannot wait to see the new Saif secret agent avatar!

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