Saif: “We are together”

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The are they, aren’t they saga of Kareena and Saif as a couple has finally been confirmed and by Saif himself. Saif and Kareena were leaving an appearance at the Lakme Fashion Week when they stopped to speak to reporters lined up outside the event.

Saif said, “We are here together, um, I suppose um, like I said we are here together and uh um that is about all I am comfortable saying. There has been a little too much attention really but I suppose that is fair enough. Uh… So while not exactly shouting from roof tops I’m in… uh yes clearly we are together.”

A reporter then asked, “And happy?”

“Yes, very much so thank you thank you,” replied Saif. Kareena, who was standing next to him talking to other reporters, however did not make a comment.

So it would seem, as was reported here earlier, that the 3 year prem kahani between Shahid and Kareen is well and truly over. Shahid, in fact confirmed the break up as well when in a recent interview he stated, “I’m single for all girls.”

We will keep our eyes open for more news on the new couple and perhaps a new love for Shahid, so keeping checking back here often!

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