Saini is author of Nanhe Jaisalmer Script

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Earlier we reported that there was a dispute between Nikhil Saini and Samir Karnik on who originally penned the script for the upcoming Nanhe Jaisalmer. After looking into the matter, The Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programmes has now reached a final decision in favor of Nikhil Saini.

Saini was paid Rs 5 lakh for his work on the script because the AAMPTPP said that Karnik’s script was indeed lifted from Saini’s original

According to Saini, “I am satisfied and happy about the decision. I am also very happy that the Association has made a decision like this, which will be a precedent for all the others in future. Writers who are poor and have no influence in the industry go through hell when their scripts are stolen like this. Samir met Boney Kapoor yesterday and the decision was taken there. The Association has now given me the letter. Vikas Kapoor, who is the producer of Mera Bharat Mahaan, will deduct my compensation from the money that he was supposed to pay to Samir Karnik. Eros, K. Sera Sera and Vikas Kapoor had to suffer because of this whole episode. Samir has apologised to me.”

Adding, “My faith in the industry is now restored. The industry is now working on a very professional level and one cannot get away with just about anything. There is a certain code of conduct and ethics here. I had to pull strings to get my due credit. People should follow my example and stand up for themselves. I hope that many people will be saved from exploitation now. Samir accused me of being a liar and of trying to extort money but the truth is now there for everyone to see.”

However, Samir Karnik still denies the accusation and said, “Nikhil is a liar. I planned to go to court but Vikas Kapoor told me to think about the film and come to a settlement. I think he has influenced the Association too. However, I never apologized to him and I will not give him any credit whatsoever.”

Boney Kapoor is said to have been instrumental in getting the case resolved. “The matter was amicably solved. I heard both the stories. The matter was resolved when I said as I didn’t want any more muck between the two.”

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