Salman Khan is Ready!

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Fans are already in a tizzy from the promos and we still have a month to go to see the full on Salman Khan entertainer Ready. Directed by Anees Bazmee, the film also stars Asin in the remake of the superhit Telugu film of the same name. The film’s story revolves around a helpful boy, a girl forced into a marriage, a kidnapping, and a love story, of course, with many songs and dances, some action too all done in true Salman Khan style.

Producer Bhushan Kumar said recently in an interview with PTI that they are definitely building on the popularity of Salman’s hit from last year Dabangg! “It was always there in our mind that we had to make the best use of Dabangg behind us. Even Salman thought the same and wanted the promo to convey this clearly.”

Adding, “We have no intention of taking Ready into a different direction. Dabangg used only Salman for it’s marketing. He was everywhere. For Ready too we are following a similar formula.”

So every promo will have Sallu center stage, “It was better to carry the promo on Salman’s shoulders. We didn’t want to show too much of family members or dialogues between them. However by and large the film is indeed playing on Salman’s image and we want the message to reach out to the audience.”

Apparently Salman has been involved in every aspect of the film, not only choosing locations, getting cameos from industry friends, hosting the music launch at Film city, he was also involved in the music and in post-production.

Many Southern film fans will have recognized the tune of ‘Dhinka Chika’ as the song ‘Ringa Ringa’ from Arya 2. It seems Salman Khan really loved the song and so they reached out to composer Devi Sri Pasad to make a new version for Ready. Kumar told TOI, “Well, Salman bhai loves the song. Whenever I visited him in his vanity van, this number would be playing constantly. He insisted that we get it for our film as well. That’s when I got in touch with DSP and finalized the song. The rights of ‘Ringa Ringa’ are with another music company but DSP was free to do it in Hindi. So we made a few changes here and there.” The composer was only to glad to rework the song and thus ‘Dhinka Chika’ was born. In fact, Salman was involved in finalizing all the songs of Ready, which were composed by Pritam. “Yes, Salman had the final say in the music of Ready. He has a good ear for it and hence all credit to him for choosing ‘Dhinka Chika’ and also confirming rest of the songs,” says Kumar.

The film is now in the editing stages and Salman is keeping a close eye on that as well, even while he is shooting for Bodyguard. Director Anees Bazmee says, “He is excited about the film and has been keeping a close watch. But he does not sit for the edits. He is shooting for Bodyguard, from morning to night, and does not have the time to sit for edits. However, since he asked, I sent him a portion of the cut, which he returned with his suggestions.”

So are you ready for the full on masala flavor done as only Salman Khan can? We know we are and will keep you in the know about all things Ready right up until the release!

Check out this newly released poster!

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