Salman Khan Released on Bail

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Salman Khan was released on bail today after a special hearing in front of judge H R Panwar. Since Friday was the ‘lawyers strike day’ in the city they had to get special permission from the local bar association. According to Salman’s lawyer Dipesh Mehta,”We are outstation lawyers. But, more importantly, our client is in custody. It is the question of an individual’s freedom. The local advocates’ association understood the situation and was kind enough to cooperate.”

Salman was granted bail at the hearing and the next court date for the revision petition is set to be October 24th. Mehta said that, “The court has granted him bail by suspending the sentence and directed him to give a personal bond of Rs 100,000 along with two sureties of the like amount to the satisfaction of the honourable Chief Judicial Magistrate at Jodhpur.”

He was greeted with cheers from fans waiting outside the jail when he walked free and then he was whisked off in a black car. Salman flew home to Mumbai this evening and is now at his home in Bandra.

Another of Salman’s lawyers Hastimal Saraswat said, “We had full faith in the judiciary, and finally we have been proven right.”

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