Salman Khan to get the ‘Nod’

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Salman Khan gets the Nod Today, April 26th, the Variety Zee Cine Awards come to the Excel Arena in London Docklands. Before a packed audience of thousands, a star-studded spectacular show starring Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and many others will be broadcasted to 128 countries and is expected to be seen by 500 million people.

Salman Khan will win the ‘Nod‘, the name given to the prize for spreading the influence of Hindi cinema worldwide. Last year’s winner was Yash Raj Chopra.

The show will also feature a Lifestyle Award sponsored by Dubai Lifestyle City, the ultra-luxury development in the Emirates. This new award will honour the personality who represents the best role model for young people and who has made a change of lifestyle resonant with his/her personality.

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