Salman Takes Responsibility for Veer

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Salman Khan has revealed he is a man of his word, standing by a statement he made prior to Veer’s release that if the film was a flop, he would take responsibility. In an effort to help recoup losses incurred by the ambitious project, Sallu-bhai will make another film with producer Vijay Galani.

Production of Veer was notoriously troubled, with numerous reports from the set detailing tension between actor-turned-writer Salman Khan and director Anil Sharma. Producer Vijay Galani was tasked with keeping the film on schedule and under-budget. Despite a promising opening, Veer’s performance at the box office was decidedly below average, with the film failing to recover production costs. Sources say that, true to his word, Salman is taking responsibility for the failure, and that plans for a collaboration are underway.

“Galani is planning another film with Salman. Not only has he reduced his fee but also plans to cooperate and make sure the project doesn’t get delayed.”

Though an official announcement is yet to be made, the project is rumoured to be a contemporary love story, and sources are confident that production will go ahead. “Salman has already given his verbal commitment to the producer.”

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