Salman’s New Controversy

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While Dabangg has become a blockbuster all over the world and is breaking records, Chulbul Pandey, aka Salman Khan, has found himself in yet another controversy. The actor, who is known for finding himself in murky waters simply because his choice of words tend to be far more honest, woke up to a Pakistani channel revealing that the actor claimed the 26/11 terror attacks was only noticed because it affected the life of the “rich and influential.” Almost immediately, the actor received flak for his comments which he believes were twisted and manipulated.

Salman’s so-called remarks have upset many politicians in the country who have come out and claimed that Khan should focus on “making films” and not run around making politically charged comments. Coming to his defense, brother and producer Arbaaz Khan came out in support of his brother saying, “Whatever Salman said was just his opinion and he had no intention of hurting anybody’s sentiments. If something similar would have been said by a common man it would not have made such an impact. Just because there’s a celebrity involved it is big news. Everybody should be given the right to express themselves. We ourselves are a cosmopolitan and secular family. We have family members from all religions. Why would someone from such a family intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments? It is necessary to understand the intent with which Salman made such remarks and not create a hue and cry.”

In addition, Salim Khan and father to both Salman and Arbaaz stated that the former is not “articulate or political”. He also added that it was probably a “wrong choice of words” but that Salman did owe an apology to those he has upset.
Coming out and standing up for himself, Salman Khan came out and in a YouTube video, clarified his comments and the flak he has received regarding the twisted comments. In addition, he later went on to tweet, “Next time mein apnne sub interview khud bhi record karoonga, kya bolte ho? Takeh yeh sub controversies nahi ho (from now on I will record all my interviews so that such controversies don’t happen)”

Check out his clarification YouTube video.

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