Salman–SRK Back Together?

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The recent tiff between Shiv Sena and SRK has been a bliss in disguise in many ways. Not only has it poured in publicity to King Khan-Kajol starrer My Name Is Khan on a mass scale, but it has also bridged the rift between SRK and Salman Khan. Yes, you read it right. The very famous star-studded rivalry between the Biggest Khans of B-Town looks to be diluting.

The Karan Arjun duo, had a massive tiff at Katrina’s birthday party, and ever since then, both the Khan’s have been in bad terms. Whether it was at the grand finale for the Couture Week last year or making their “camps” strong, both the Khans have battled out well.

But now the tables have turned, and surprisingly, Salman stood up to support Badshaah Khan against the Shiv Sena. Salman said that, SRK being the owner of a cricket team has rights to include players from any nationality to his team, be it Pakistani players or any other players. Salman also stated that SRK doesn’t owe an apology to the Shiv Sena, since he has the right to hold an opinion about his team as an owner of an IPL team.

SRK has been showered with support from the entire Bollywood industry and also Congress has assured SRK for a harmonized screening of My Name Is Khan in Mumbai.

So shall this be taken as salvage to the bitter fight? Are we to see a Karan Arjun sequel soon? Let’s wait and watch what twist does this saga take on next.

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