Samiksha in Comeback Mode with Karthigai

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Samiksha has had a rough time of late, in terms of box office succes, but with her latest venture, Karthigai, she looks destined for a hit! The film has sultry Malavika and Samiksha as the leading ladies opposite Vikramaditya. The storyline revolves around the relationships between brothers and between a father and his sons.

Samiksha, who is a graduate in electronic engineering moves easily between the two different worlds of television and film, but which does she prefer best? “Films are more like short flings or affairs whereas television is like marriage,” she explains, “You have to live with it for a longer time. Films are more satisfying because a film is a complete entertainment package with emotional, romantic and light scenes besides songs and dances. TV serials, on the other hand, have more of tears and heavy emotions. In fact, I am so involved in my TV role that sometimes some of the disturbing scenes trouble me in my dreams. In serials you get to learn a lot about life and relationships. It teaches you to live a balanced life.”

What type of movie roles would she like to get? “Very good roles in patriotic films like Rang De Basanti or Yuva,” she says, “If anyone gives me a good convincing role, I would work free of cost for them.”

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