Sammir Dattani’s Homegrown Luv Story

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Sammir Dattani, a chocolate-faced 28-year-old who is now eight films old, has a parallel love story in real life. In recent chick flick I Hate Luv Storys he plays Raj, Sonam’s perfect boyfriend. The two were childhood friends and eventually found their friendship to be something more. They have a perfect relationship that consists of matching outfits, a flower every morning, and not drinking on weekdays.

In real life, Dattani is committed to Ritika Jolly, his girlfriend of two years. An aspiring writer with a corporate background, Jolly was friends with Dattani before they became a couple. “It was a mutual feeling. We both started off as friends and in time, realised we were more than just that. Then she went away for a while, and we got back only to realise that what we have is love,” comments the young actor.

As for Jolly’s reaction to his newest release, Dattani is ecstatic. He reveals that “Yes she loved it, and [I] am so glad she had a good time!” Although Dattani admits that he does not send her a flower everyday like his investment banker character, nor do they coordinate their outfits, he still tries to lavish her with as many gifts as possible. He adds, “I do make sure I pamper Ritika as much as possible. Even though we both have busy schedules, we make it a point to spend time together.”

As for the big question of marriage, Dattani evades the idea with a typically filmi response: “We plan to talk about it when the time is right. Timing is everything.”

Like a true romantic, he does share some mushy tips on keeping the magic alive.

– If you have to propose, there’s nothing like the classic going down on a bended knee and doing it. It will be a memorable moment all your life.
– Pamper your girl to death. Surprise her, take her out, buy things that make her happy
– Recreate the on screen cheesy romance by going out on a long drive, listening to romantic songs. Every girl wants to do that.
– You can never go wrong with a quiet romantic dinner. Just the two of you talking about silly things and spending quality time together.
– The most important thing is to be faithful. No matter what the temptation might be, staying true to your partner is the biggest thing.

That’s two years of experience talking!

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