Sanjay will do anything for Ajay

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Bollywood has its equal share of pompous egoistic stars who think of only themselves, and those who don’t think twice before doing a close friend a favor. Time and again actors like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have proved that they are willing to do anything for their industry friends.

Sanjay, or Sanju baba as he is fondly called, shares a great rapport with Ajay Devgn. After doing Ajay’s All The Best, he will now be a part of Toonpoor Ka Superhero albeit as a voiceover. Krishika Lulla’s Ajay-Kajol starrer, which is to be released in December, has a character of God and the director was waiting for the right voice to act as the narrator. Since Ajay and Sanjay were shooting together at that time, Lulla asked if Sanjay was willing to dub for the movie and he readily agreed saying “anything for Ajay”. Interestingly Sanjay had earlier played the role of the Death-God Yamraj in Shahid Kapoor’s Vaah Life Ho To Aisi.

Toonpoor Ka Superhero will be releasing on 24th December.

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